New Baltimore SEO Meetup – Meet the Local Internet Marketers

If you are outside of the Baltimore / DC metro area than this post will be of no interest to you. If you are in the area then consider checking out the next SEO Meetup we are having. Its been like 6 months since our last one, but prior to that we had been getting together roughly once every month to six weeks or so. I’ve been swamped finishing up grad school and getting things with work running a little more efficiently. That’s my excuse.

The agenda will consist of roughly 45-60 minutes of “who the heck are you” type introductions, where each attendee has maybe 2 minutes to share who they are, what type of work they do, if they are hiring or looking for partners, etc. Then – if time allows – we may have a little link building tips discussion followed by a few drinks and perhaps a bite to eat at the Austin Grill located in the same building as where we are having the event, the Emerging Technologies Center in Canton.

So far in attendance will be myself and approximately 20 other local internet marketing people (skewed heavily towards SEOs).

Disclaimer: I blatantly stole the idea for the “meet the local internet marketers” from Keith and Corey. Oh well fellas, that’s how the web works :)

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