Configuring PayPal Auto-Return (Redirect) After Payment

Non lead-gen or SEO post here… just a little annoying item that I couldn’t figure out for a few minutes.  Did a Google search and couldn’t find a good answer… but if you are trying to set up a redirect or auto-return after accepting a PayPal payment for a product or service that is purchased on your website, try this:

1) login to paypal
2) click “edit profile) next to your name / email address
3) click “website payment preferences” under “selling preferences”
4) click “on” for “auto-return”
5) you must enter a return URL, even if you have separate ones for various products and/or payments from various sites that may take precedence over this one.
6) click save

Note #5.  That’s what threw us off.  We didn’t think to have one “return URL” for the overall account, b/c we have several different sites that all send payments to one PayPal email address, and in each case we use a custom return URL that we pass to PayPal from the site as part of the IPN posting (or whatever… I’m not a developer).  Anyhow, if this works for you when you find this post months from now, please post a comment and let me know!

4 thoughts on “Configuring PayPal Auto-Return (Redirect) After Payment”

    1. Glad I can be of service! Anyone have any other thoughts on auto returns or redirects to your own confirmation (thank you) page after payment is submitted?

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