My Thoughts on Blogger, After Just 10 minutes

April 8, 2008

I have to say I’m quite impressed. I’ve built and managed several blogs over the past couple of years using WordPress, which I’m a huge fan of – but Blogger is extremely easy to use. I started setting up this blog 20 minutes ago (not 10, I lied) and I’ve got a nice little template, have already added Google Analytics and even my own domain via my GoDaddy account. Still killing time though before the domain resolves (should be within an hour).

I really like the “page elements” feature too. Made it real easy to add my Analytics script and also to modify the page. In general I feel the interface is easier to use than WordPress, and I’m now likely to recommend a Blogger account for many of my clients who want “quick and easy” blog. For those desiring more customization and more power-use features, I’ll likely stick to WordPress – but for light, quick, easy, etc. Blogger seems to be very nice.

My only complaint would be that it requires a Google Account. As I have several services and accounts with Google for different business ventures I’m associated with, this requires a little management on my end – which account for which features, etc. Its complicated. And boring. No use wasting Blogger’s db storage space on further elaboration!

Another observation – no “categories”??? I see Blogger makes use of “labels” though. I’m either missing something or just need to become a little more Web 2.0 and get with the whole label-program.

Okay so why this new blog. Well, three reasons:

  1. My business partner Ryan just set up a Blogger blog and I’m jealous
  2. I have had a Blogger account for participating in other blogs for a little while, but wanted to make better use of it.
  3. I run a Search Marketing firm, but all of our clients are service firms. Their websites generate leads. This is a very strong interest of mine – online lead generation. If you check my profile, you’ll see I also co-own an online lead generation firm.

To elaborate on #3 above… I’m starting to explore this as my true area of interest rather than SEO which is one source to support lead gen efforts. Companies want leads, not search rankings. Search rankings are merely one way to get leads. If you get search rankings and no leads, you’ve failed.

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