Claiming a Blog in Technorati… RSS and It’s Beauty

April 9, 2008

So the real juice behind what makes a blog something other than just an easy way to post things on a website is the RSS technology that drives digital connectivity.

Blogs can automatically notify other blogs and feed readers (used by savvy blog-reading consumers… most of who are also blog owners and publishers) of updates. They can distribute content to other sites, notify other blogs when you are talking about them, etc. Even better, its totally automated and a piece of cake. You can even “subscribe” to someone else’s entire blog to receive instant update notifications whenever they post something new (without having to check their site), or just subscribe to a particular category if they discuss several topics, only one of which you care about.

And oh yeah, RSS doesn’t just enable blogs to communicate with users and with each other… it also pushes their content to search engines in a matter of hours, whereas typical web updates to non-RSS static webpages require you to wait for Google or other search engine spiders to visit your site and notice that you’ve updated. That typically takes a few days, and can take longer. Tough if you are in a “time is of the essence” type of industry, or commenting on recent news. By the time your blog is found, the story is dead. With RSS, you can enjoy rankings in Google within a few hours of posting, which are primarily fed via Google News.

Think push versus pull.

So what about that Technorati bit in the title?

You’ll notice I tend to go on a tangent before ever addressing the true topic of the post. Oh well. That’s me.

Since I just set this up yesterday, today I did a quick search on the title of yesterday’s post. No results. Thus, I’ve decided I should be a bit proactive in ensuring that other blog search engines receive my blog’s “push” of updates. Technorati is one such blog search engine. Its basically THE site about blogs, and up-to-the-minute blog updates. Google Blog Search is also similar, as are about 5,000 other services.

Anyhow, Technorati let’s you claim your blog, which enables you to see additional information, control some of the branding and description, etc. Good stuff. To do this though, you need to verify that you are the blog owner. One way to do this is to create a new post with a special code in that. When Technorati sees it on your blog they know you are the real owner. So being as that was my impetus in writing this post, here goes:

Technorati Profile

Pushing content or notifying other blogs and services of updates you’ve made (automatically of course) is known as pinging. Another site to consider is the popular Ping-O-Matic. Gotta love the name. 30 seconds of your life though, well worth it for additional traffic and exposure. Sometimes these services want the URL of your RSS feed in additional to your blog’s URL. Another 30 seconds searching the help section of your blog’s documentation will give you that, it varies from one provider to another.

Okay enough about that. Generally speaking this blog will be more opinion and fact-less conjecture rather than narrative “what is”, but hey we’re just getting started…

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