SEO for Web 3.0

April 10, 2008

Peter Ehat at wrote a post entitled “Does SEO Die on Web 3.0?“. I say yes, most definitely it will die. Without a doubt. Hopefully I will be retired by then, but if not I’m sure I could find a nice stable career as a mortgage salesperson.

Search in Web 3.0:

You don’t search on Google. Instead, Google searches you. They have enough data, can’t they just figure out what I need before I realize the need to search for it?

Here is how it would work:

  1. Larry Page brings me a glass of water.
  2. I say “Thanks Larry, what’s this for?”
  3. I begin to feel a parched throat coming on and suddenly feel better about my use of Google Desktop.
  4. I notice that my television suddenly starts showing ads that offer me a snack to go with my water.

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