98 is Too Many… Here’s 11 Online Lead-Generation Tactics

April 14, 2008

Gavin Ingham recently posted 98 lead generation strategies. He says most businesses he consults with only use a few, and simply aren’t implementing as many different tactics as they could be. I agree, but 98 is a huge number. Admittedly, I could only bring myself to quickly scan his list.

While the general topic of this blog is lead generation via search engine optimization (SEO), I’ll take a slightly more broad approach than just SEO, but probably much more narrow than Gavin’s take – let’s just focus on online methods…

…by Building Customer Relationships

  1. Blogging: goes along with “expert branding” below, helps build credibility and exposure
  2. E-Newsletters: once a month or so, stay top-of-mind
  3. Personal Emails: stay in contact, but don’t think mass-emails or automation
  4. News Aggregation: be a source/resource for your customers

…by Reaching New Prospects

  1. Natural SEO
  2. Sponsored PPC
  3. CPM Banner Ads
  4. CPM Video Ads
  5. Vertical Search Engines (B2B)
  6. Online PR
  7. Brand Yourself as an Expert

2 Responses to “98 is Too Many… Here’s 11 Online Lead-Generation Tactics”

  1. henrry Says:

    The content and keywords of website are both things probably have control over internet marketing. Natural SEO is about making your site easy for Google to read, creating valuable content with relevant keywords.

  2. jonpayne Says:

    Henrry,Are you trying to comment spam me? :)If so, next time make sure not to include a BR tag in your HREF link b/c it breaks the link!!!…oh how I despise the “quantity over quality” mindset… And no, I will not approve additional spam comments so instead take 30 seconds and post a comment relevant to the post!(/end tirade)

    EDIT – on 04/18/08 I switched from Blogger to WordPress and the above comment by Henrry got sort of mixed up, he had a URL that had a funny tag in it, but that HTML did not convert over so nicely during the WP import from Blogger, so this hardly makes any sense now!!!

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