So I Moved LeadGenSEO from Blogger to – 301 Redirects and Custom Domain Considerations

April 19, 2008

I’m a liar.

Exactly two days after saying I wouldn’t switch my 1.5 week old blog from Blogger to (hosted version) I did just that – transferred it over.  Let me quote myself:

Taking everything into account, I’m going to lean slightly for the option. However, not strongly enough that I would consider converting over this blog which I just set up a few days ago through Blogger.

Liar.  I switched.  Why?

  • Comments – I wanted comments to “live” on my domain.  With blogger, they were in a pop-up box that was on a URL tied to the domain.  This means when people add comments I would get no search engine boost for new content, additional text, etc.
  • Trackbacks – Blogger doesn’t have them.  I felt like the kid who wasn’t invited to the cool party.
  • Static Pages – No “pages” in Blogger.  They are in WP.  I like them.
  • Categories – I’m a second-go-round blogger.  I blogged alot a couple of years ago and was used to “categories”.  Since I’ve been MIA someone came up with “tags”.  They are foreign to me.  Even worse is “labels” in Blogger.  What exactly are they?  Tags or categories?
  • Friendlier URLs – I’m way anal about URL’s.  Way anal.  I couldn’t deal with the “.html” at the end of every URL in Blogger.  That’s unnecessary.  Its not a .html static page, so why pretend that it is?  Just make it a nice clean directory clone with a “/” at the end.  This drives me nuts.

So how difficult was it?  Well, it wasn’t.  WordPress has a nice Blogger import feature despite the fact that Blogger says “Blogger doesn’t not have an export feature.”  The catch – technically its not exporting anything, but WordPress gets authorization from Google and logs in to your Blogger account and pulls out the data.

But this next feature was way cool…

I mentioned the URL formats are different – Blogger using the .html at the end.  Get this – WordPress actually sets up 301 redirects.  If you are an SEO nerd like me, well having your blog set up 301 redirects for you is about as cool as it gets.  I wish I knew this would happen though – as it would have saved me like an hour of time messing with DNS as I was trying to split off the www into a separate CNAME record so I could create a little .htaccess file and manually set up the 301’s myself.  Geeky.  Silly WordPress did it for me – though its not perfect as a few of the URL’s don’t seem to match up perfectly.  Thanks to the 301 header check tool I can troubleshoot this though.  Check it out:

301 Redirects - Blogger to

One Response to “So I Moved LeadGenSEO from Blogger to – 301 Redirects and Custom Domain Considerations”

  1. JP Says:

    Hi Jon, thanks for posting that link to the header check tool, I just switched from Blogger to WordPress and am trying to set up 301 redirects from the /labels/ to the /tag/ folders in WP.


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