B2B Copywriting for Conversion, Lead-Generation, Branding

April 21, 2008

I hope to soon touch on this topic much more in-depth. But in the meantime there is a great article I’d like to share that I found by Todd Miechiels via Blue Collar SEO.

> Better B2B Web Copywriting Lowers Your Cost of Sales

On a side note, I very much like how Todd brands and positions himself.  He is the founder of an SEO firm though now positions himself as a B2B Internet Marketing consultant… who happens to have a very strong foundation in search marketing.  I’ve been contemplating this myself lately, especially after Aaron Wall’s suggestion as well as just looking at what exactly I do.  Aaron’s post said:

If you are new to the SEO field and want to excel online, call yourself something other than an SEO. Using the label SEO invites arbitrary monitoring and punishment, and there are too many plastic personalities in this field willing to dime out a friend in exchange for a wooden nickel.

I’m not an SEO.  I’m an internet marketer.  SEO is merely one of my tools – but I don’t want to be associated with those spammy SEO’s who neglect things like branding, conversion, building quality sites, etc.  That’s not what I do.  I should do a better job of communicating that message despite my internal pull to focus at all costs.

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