Conversion Closing – Lessons from the SEO Rapper

April 28, 2008

How money is this guy?  So money.  His employer should just pay this guy to rap around their client’s topics as linkbait.  CHUCK, IF YOU READ THIS send me a note.  I need someone to rap about tax debt resolution services as some linkbait for a client 🙂

Video immediately below and then my “lessons learned” to paraphrase it (his rhyming skills are too fast to catch everything the first time).

  1. Your campaign is not working if you aren’t generating leads. Okay that one is easy.
  2. Don’t waste money bidding on vague keywords.
  3. While fixing your conversion rates, considering pausing your campaign.
    (Mo Says: First pause your ads, no more hits on your card. Money don’t grow on trees, at least not in my yard.)
  4. Make sure to include some adjectives in your PPC ad text.
  5. Understand your competitive position online
  6. – Is your site complete?
    – Is your deal sweet?
    – Competitive industry… can you compete?

  7. Start with yo’ meat. Talkin’ bout your content.
  8. Make sure your text is right for your audience, not just search engines.  Don’t forget you want conversions, not just higher quality scores (on the PPC end) or rankings (on the organic end).
    (Mo Says: After all, they the ones that grab the phone and call.  The search engines won’t do anything but crawl.
  9. There are two steps to conversion.  The first is online conversion – from visitor to lead.  The second is generally offline (reminder we’re talking lead generation here) – call your leads promptly.  Be cordial and charismatic.  Don’t be satisfied in doing a great job with online conversions if you are dropping the ball in converting those inquiries to new customers.

Moral of the story:
With lead-generation conversions are all that should matter to you.  To quote Mo again “I’d rather get 100 clicks and close 35, than get 1,000 clicks and only close 9.

2 Responses to “Conversion Closing – Lessons from the SEO Rapper”

  1. Hilarious, Jon. Where did you ever find this? Thanks for the interpretation–I’ve never had much knack for derapping rap! Hey, if you’re still up for lunch sometime, just let me know.

  2. moserious Says:

    Thanks for the Conversion Closing summarization…

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