New Concept: Discussion about Lead Generation and SEO :)

September 11, 2008

So this blog has been a bit unfocused to date, but in this case I want to share an excerpt from an email discussion I had with a guy who does a little contract work for us in the area of social media…  Someone submitted one of our clients sites to StumbleUpon and it generated a decent number of visitors, but no conversions.  Granted, the sample size was reasonably small.

He wrote:

I understand what you’re saying. Kind of goes back to that strategy where not every site would benefit from it, but it takes like 2 minutes to submit a site to SU so it’s still worth it imo… unless conversion rate is something your clients are strict on rating you on?

My reply:

conversion rate doesn’t matter to me and my clients so much as total leads matters.  thus, if FTH does 3% in general but you tell me we can get 1,000 visitors from SU but they’ll only convert at 1% I’d take it…. that’s 10 leads.  now with that in mind, if I knew or strongly expected that we’d get 0% conversions than there isn’t much upside… but as you said it takes two minutes so not much downside either.

traffic even without conversions can be good, if it results in 1-2 of those people liking the site and spreading word to their friends (viral marketing).  maybe we get a link or two out of it, which will help search rankings, and in turn help generate more total leads.

i think that’s the general idea here.

Side note: In our Google Analytics all we can see is “refer.php” as the referring page from StumbleUpon.  Anyone have a relatively easy way of determining which users and/or which pages on the SU site are sending traffic?  I’m admittedly ignorant as a StumbleUpon user, and have not figured out a good way to actually see where the traffic is coming from.  The response was nice (traffic-wise), so I’m eager to investigate a bit more.

3 Responses to “New Concept: Discussion about Lead Generation and SEO :)”

  1. Dean Says:

    StumbleUpon is a tough one. I don’t think that the users really engage in sites they visit. I mean they are mostly engaged in the toolbar and voting right? We have gotten substantial traffic from SU with 0 conversions.

  2. jonpayne Says:

    Dean – that’s a shame… hopefully there is that secondary benefit where if you reach enough users some percentage of them (however small) might be bloggers and willing to share their experience (link, personal endorsement) with others.

    Do you see anything materially different with traffic from Digg and Reddit (and/or other social bookmarking sites)???

  3. Anand Mistry Says:

    I want to over come with all these scenario. What is actual rate conversion? That is big question for website. We never say that with social bookmark, we can generate more traffic and conversion. You got my idea? Visitors from any resource, but quality of website is must require……

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