Amazing Link Bait, Poorly Executed

October 2, 2008

The execution of the bait itself in this campaign by Levi’s 501 button-fly jeans is about the coolest I’ve ever seen. How ris-kay!!! I’m happily surprised when corporations “loosen up” (no pun intended, but there are so many) and do something cool. And before I go any further, thanks to Monty for the heads up via Twitter 🙂

Unbutton Your Beast - Levi's Link Bait

Unbutton Your Beast - Levi's Link Bait

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My Beast

I made my own. Go check it out and hear about the great deal over at to submit your local Maryland businesses and client websites. The site gets great traffic and gives you a nice, highly-customizable profile page. Only open to businesses or organizations based in Maryland.

What they Did Right

1) Very cool concept. This has to hit the 15-35 male demographic pretty dead on.

2) Very easy to record your message… using a phone instead of computer microphone. Its way fast too.

What they Did Wrong

1) Once you finish “creating your beast” there is a way to forward to a friend or copy the link. If you try to ctrl + c though it won’t work, since its Flash-based… I ended up sending everyone in my network the link to Chris’s Beast. I’m crushed there. It totally blew my punchline. Not happy about that.

2) There is no “embed this in your site” feature. First, they’d get a TON OF BACKLINKS if they did that. Second, I think it would be even more viral. I’m only willing to type in 2 or 3 email addresses, but if I could embed it on my site than all 7 people who read my blog would see it. Instead I just post a link and there is an 80% chance that any given visitor WILL NOT CLICK THE LINK to go to their site. Embedding ensures they see it.

Your thoughts?

2 Responses to “Amazing Link Bait, Poorly Executed”

  1. Hey, Jon. I’m glad you liked it. Sorry to hear that you sent everyone my promo…well, sort of. 😉

  2. Justin Baker Says:

    Hi John,

    I agree, making these videos embeddable would greatly enable this campaign to spread virally.

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