Ranking #3 for “Marketing” in Google India – Very Interesting…

October 15, 2008

So this is pretty cool. My internet marketing firm’s website is ranking # 3 for “marketing” in Google India. Go check it out. Its not even for the “pages from India” selection but just from the entire web, when searched through Google India.

Google India SERPs

Yeah pretty cool… I didn’t even really target that one-word keyword, although it is in our name (Ephricon Web Marketing) and naturally its completely intertwined with all of our services… but I have to think that is also true for every other online marketing and SEO firm out there, right?

The funny thing is that we’ve been there for at least a few weeks, maybe months. I’m too lazy to dig through the analytics right now to check. I actually noticed a ton of traffic for this keyword in our Google Analytics account, but then I checked and right now we’re ranked #199 in “regular” Google. I assumed maybe something funny was going on with the tracking, or perhaps it was some crazy bot traffic… didn’t really give it much thought.

It wasn’t until I logged into my HitsLink account (which I haven’t done for months) that I noticed it. By default, HitsLink shows you micro-level data like each visitor to the site… it shows the last 50 visitors and what they searched on, where they came from etc and I noticed a ton were “marketing” and from Google.co.in. I then logged back into Google Analytics and clicked on traffic sources > keywords > “marketing” (my kw) and then selected “country / territory” from the “dimension” dropdown.

I had 94 visits from people searching on “marketing” using a Google property in the last 30 days. 93 of them used Google India.

So wow, pretty cool. But on second thought, why only 93 visitors? That’s only 3 people a day from a pretty popular 1-word keyword phrase. Sure, Google.co.in is not the default Google… but I have to think it has a pretty good volume. I believe its not drawing more traffic for a number of reasons:

  1. My title and description both specify that we’re in “Baltimore, MD”. If I’m a guy in India, I’m not nearly as likely to click on this site in the SERPs.
  2. Google.co.in gets only a small slice of Google’s total search volume. I have no data to back this up. I’m guessing.
  3. Like reason #1 above, my title and description both refer to internet marketing and SEO. If you are searching on marketing you are likely searching for something more broad or strategic, and thus not as likely to click on my site.

There are probably many more reasons too. If you can think of any, please share them with me.

So of those 3 items above, I can change #1 and #3, but cannot change #2. Here’s a case study – should I change the title and description to tweak it to bring in a higher clickthrough rate for a generic term like “marketing”? I could do this to see what effect it would have on clickthroughs and traffic for this keyword. Might be a cool mini-case-study of sorts.

If I did that, I’d probably change it back before too long. Truth is that the lower volumes of more highly qualified traffic is what produces my conversions and business objectives… so that generic traffic is pretty useless to me.

I’m not really sure why Google.co.in likes the site so much more than the rest of Google, perhaps there are a bunch of SEO companies in India linking to my site? Even if that’s the case, again I can’t see how that would be stronger for us than say any other internet marketing or SEO firm out there.

Any other thoughts, ideas, comments? Has anyone seen something like this for other country-specific Google domains?

4 Responses to “Ranking #3 for “Marketing” in Google India – Very Interesting…”

  1. Could it be that Google India has different parameters when they determine rankings? Maybe various words and phrases are given higher credit than in the American market?

    Maybe you can help use your good ranking to acquire additional links from Indian companies and sites, which should help increase your ranking on Google period.

  2. Dean Says:

    Doh, not seeing it anymore. Google’s everflux is crazy these days. There one minute the next, gone. Were you signed into gmail? Could it be personalized?

  3. jonpayne Says:

    @Dean – No I wasn’t logged in, not a personalized search. Just normal flux I think. I just checked again and now we’re #11. Maybe they have already adjusted šŸ™‚

    Point is still valid though… even at #11 we’re way higher in the India version than in the US version for this one-word search term.

    @Aaron – Yeah I think they do have different criteria, or at least are adjusted differently for their markets… no doubt.

  4. That’s weird. A huge difference from the US version. But not too bad if you’re ranking 11 out of the thousands of other sites there with the same keyword.

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