SEO Meetup Topics – Your Input Requested

October 16, 2008

We had an initial question via the SEO Meetup group mailing list today about Web CEO, which has spurred quite a discussion of that and many other tools. Perhaps a good topic for an upcoming meetup would be a discussion and quick tour of a number of tools.

Interest? How about interest in any of the following topics?  Edit: Please choose ONE or two of the topics you’d most like to discuss and whatever is the most popular choice will be our topic.  We’ll then discuss other topics at future meetups.

a) SEO software, tools and plugins
b) pricing, sales and contracts SEO projects
c) project management, tracking results and reporting to clients
d) link building show & tell
e) site review panel
f) understanding black hat tips and tactics
g) overviews and opinions of SEO conferences
h) social networking and social media
i) blogging and SEO
j) comparison of various analytics services

Maybe 60-90 minutes of interaction discussion about the above… and then over to a nearby bar to have a drink, network and casual small group conversation as per usual. Thoughts?

Please let me know your opinions or preferences. Now is the time to “voice your vote” otherwise you have no right to complain about next meeting’s topic 🙂 You can either email me or post a comment below with your thoughts.

I’m thinking maybe first or second week of November.

Edit: So far I’m getting mostly emails rather than blog comments as replies… but I’ll share an update later on about what the topic will be for the next event and also what the top requests were.

4 Responses to “SEO Meetup Topics – Your Input Requested”

  1. m236th Says:

    Sounds good.

  2. jonpayne Says:


    I did a poor job of explaining my objective here… my purpose was to have people vote their preference on ONE of those topics for the next meetup, not all of them. There’s no way we’ll have that much time.

    I’ve sent out a clarification email about this, and will modify this post as well, accordingly.

  3. Kevin Doory Says:

    cool than can u delete my previous comment. Good job communicating! 🙂

    f) understanding black hat tips and tactics
    h) social networking and social media

  4. jonpayne Says:

    @Kevin – prior comment deleted. My apologies for begin confusing and vague!

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