Twitter Reacts to Facebook’s TOS Revisions

February 17, 2009

Twitter – the popular microblogging and social media site – recently decided to be proactive and modify their own TOS since all the other cool social media kids are doing it.

Some people are saying they went almost as far in over-reaching their claims as did Facebook, who updated their TOS just the other day.   I’m not sure.  Here are the stipulations they added in.  You be the judge.

17a) All your tweets are belong to us.
17b) Forever. And ever.

18a) If you link to a website from one of your tweets, all associated ad revenue generated on that website becomes Twitter’s property (aka “Twoperty”).
18b) The website itself also becomes Twoperty.
18c) Any websites it links to become Twoperty as well.
18d) Even if its not your website.
18e) Seriously, try it. We dare you.

19a) All images or photos you post to TwitPics also become Twitter’s Twoperty.
19b) As does any revenue attributable to the photos.
19c) As do any all people who appear in the photos. They’re ours.
19d) As do all wages and salaries made by any of the people in the photo.
19e) Forever.
19f) If the people in the photos are deceased, their estate and legacy become Twoperty.

20a) If you tweet while working, your gross wages become Twoperty.
20b) You remain responsible for paying the associated taxes.

21a) If you use a third-party software product such as Twirhl, Twitterific or Twitterfeed to view tweets, then the software, computer that runs the software (or phone), and all intellectual property on the computer becomes Twoperty.

22a) If you fail to replace the stock avatar with a custom one, Twitter will assume ownership of your likeness and your identity.
22b) Unless of course you have Lifelock, in which case we’ll assume Todd Davis’ identity instead.
22c) All Todd’s stuff becomes Twoperty too.
22d) Is that really his social security number?
22e) Todd’s house, salary and bonus structure? Twoperty.
22f) His cars, stock portfolio and other assets? Twoperty.
22g) His wife? Depends… Hot or Not?
22h) Whoa, too far there.
22i) Remember if you do post an avatar its subject to stipulation @19a

23) RT @17a All your tweets are belong to us.

I’m not sure why that have so many B and C sub-items, but I think it has something to do with the 140 character limit or something.  Apparently #21 is a loophole.  Oh well, which TOS do you think reaches too far? Who “should” own the content on Facebook and Twitter?

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