IM Spring Break FREE Ticket Giveaway

March 24, 2009

IM Spring Break 2009So to make a long story short, I cannot attend the upcoming IM Spring Break event.  I bought my ticket roughly 6 weeks ago, but between being buried with work and having a family commitment that conflicts with the date, I simply can’t make it.  Have no fear though, as the Ephricon team will be represented though, as Tim Staines will be there with bells on.  Or maybe a sombrero.  Okay he’ll probably have a polo shirt and cargo shorts or something.  Whatever.

The IM Spring Break “un-conference” is the sequel to Scary SEO, and is expected to be quite a big deal.  Its a much more intimate atmosphere than the larger conferences, meaning you should  be able to meet people more easily and have some more in depth conversations.  Its also meant to reflect the spring break atmosphere with a poker tournament one night and a BBQ / pool party the next.  Sounds like good times.

Okay so since my ticket is already paid for, and since I can’t go… I’ve decided to give it away!  Who wants a free ticket to IM Spring Break?

Its a $500 value, or $379, or however you want to look at it.  You will have to pay for your transportation and hotel costs though, but I do believe there is a group rate at least on the latter.  Take 5 minutes and enter. This blog isn’t that popular, so there probably won’t be that many entries… your chances are pretty good!   Here’s what you need to do…

How to Enter

  1. You must make your case in no more than 250 words.  Shorter is okay, longer is not.  Tell me why you deserve the free ticket.  Post this on your own blog or other website of yours.
  2. Notify me of your entry either via Trackback or by posting a comment on this post.
    Update: Leave a comment or email me… not sure if trackbacks are working correctly.
  3. Your entry must contain some reference to a “belly flop“.
  4. Should you win, you must agree to drink at least one Magic Hat #9 in my honor.
  5. All entries must be received by tomorrow night (03/25/09) at 6:00pm EST.  Winner will be chosen and notified soon after.

The judging will be completely biased.  If you are looking for tips, I’d suggest feeding my ego in any way possible!  Other than the above there are no strings attached here.  I’ve already spoken to Dave Snyder who is running the event and he has approved this giveaway.  The winner will only need to bring their ID to be granted entry.

Need a little more convincing?  Check out the speaker list, its an all-star lineup with Loren Baker, Todd Malicoat, Chris Winfield, Brian Chappell, Neil Patel, Brent Csutoras, Wil Reynolds, Dave Snyder, Rae Hoffman and more!  And to think, five minutes from now you could have submitted your entry for a free ticket, and get to attend the event for only the cost of transportation and hotel.  Your ticket even includes food.

So who wants a free ticket to IM Spring Break?

12 Responses to “IM Spring Break FREE Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Fred Sexton Says:

    I’d love to go but have my little girl is having her 1st bday party that weekend.
    For those looking to win, I’d not recommend making fun of Jon’s 3D glasses from his twitter avatar. Things to not say would include, “Hey Jon, cool shades. I’d get a pair but my quarter got stuck in the machine.” or “Jon Payne’s ego is so big you need 3d goggles to see it.”

  2. Murph Says:

    I wonder if Jon will get $379 worth of links back.

    • jonpayne Says:

      George – That’s not the point here. I can’t go, so my $379 (er, $500) is already a sunk cost. Its gone. Plus its going to be a pretty kick-ass event so if I can help someone go for hardly any out-of-pocket cost that would make me pretty happy. If they link to my site, great, but that is not a requirement to win or enter.

      Note that for whoever wins though, I would like a very quick recap on 3-4 fun tidbits they picked up while attending. There’s my value.

      If I was just trying to build links I would have put this on a different site. There is no monetization method for traffic to

  3. Robert Says:

    I have in-laws coming in the first week of april.
    I would be a good excuse to leave, but my wife would kill me when i come back

  4. David Kyle Says:

    yeah! being single is awesome

  5. Robert Says:

    looks like inlaws are not coming, and I maybe able to go!

    I’ll call my copywriter to start on the essay lol

  6. Zachary Cohn Says:

    I submitted an entry on my website, Thanks for putting this up, the event looks exciting!

  7. Robert Says:

    well you should have your post in a few from the ‘merchant’ 🙂

  8. […] 26, 2009 I had a handful of entries into my IM Spring Break Ticket Giveaway, all of which were quite convincing.  If I had 5 tickets I would have given them all away, but I […]

  9. Vpromoter Says:

    I wonder who won in the end 🙂

  10. Jeffrey Says:

    well, it’s come and gone…any word on how the conference was?

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