Lead Gen for Automotive Industry

May 11, 2009

Had a couple of calls with Paul Rushing from ISM in Training.  Paul commented on a recent post about managing clients, and we decided to pick up the phone to compare thoughts, notes, etc.  In general, Paul is a great guy and really knows his stuff in his niche of SEO and lead generation for the automotive industry.  We mainly spoke about managing an agency and running a business in this space, rather than the nuts and bolts of actually doing SEO and optimizing for lead generation.

If you are looking for an SEO guy for your auto dealer than get in touch with Paul!  Thanks Paul!

So what can you take out of this?  Its simple, remember that while email and social networking are great… try picking up the phone every now and then.  Most of my clients tell me they close sales much better when dealing with prospects on the phone, plus when it comes to networking you can discuss a lot more and pick up on things that you just can’t pick up on when sending text communications back and forth.

3 Responses to “Lead Gen for Automotive Industry”

  1. Paul Rushing Says:

    Thanks for the mention Jon. Really enjoyed our conversations and hope to take you up on your offer for dinner.

    Running an agency has certain nuances that most do not grasp until it is to late. Long gone are the days of the one man shows in online marketing initiatives if you are working with clients.

  2. Vpromoter Says:

    Hey Paul, I see your ads on craigslist a lot 🙂

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