Interesting Bing Search Results for the SEO Crowd

June 2, 2009

In follow-up to my thoughts on SEO for Bing, here are a few interesting Bing search results.

Miserable Failure

Google Bombs now work in Bing!  George Bush’s bio is #1 in Bing, after years of conversation about its presence in the #1 slot in Google and then Google eventually taking care of the situation algorithmically (we’re told).  How did they not manually test this keyword?  If you are relatively new to SEO see this and this.  If you have been doing SEO for more than a couple of years its near impossible to have missed this.  I used to use this in all my presentations and seminars as an example of the power of inbound anchor text.

Search Engine

This is hilarious. Google is not in the top 10.  Neither is Bing.  Nor MSN or Live or any of Microsoft’s brands.  That’s right. Yahoo is the only one of the big 3 in the top 10, and they are #8.  The #1 through 3 slots go to Dogpile, Altavista and a page of recommended sites on the Cal-Berkeley domain.

One Response to “Interesting Bing Search Results for the SEO Crowd”

  1. Vpromoter Says:

    Miserable Failure will be taken off soon too, I think 🙂
    Regarding I think of it as a review|advice search engine, and it will be probably another way to optimize for Bing, once it will get its share of the market.

    P.S. Jon, What you think of a Google wave? 🙂

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