SEMCLT Rocks, and Thanks for the Cake!!!

June 5, 2009

So if you’ve talked with me for any bit of time you’ll quickly learn that as much as I love playing on the internet, social media, etc., I think there is tremendous value for online marketers in getting together in-person and having a chat.  Meetups, Tweetups, Networking Lunches… whatever.  All good stuff.

For the past week or so I was totally psyched to attend the most recent meeting of SEMCLT (Search Engine Marketing Association of Charlotte / Charlotte SEO Meetup Group) – which was held last night.  I RSVP-ed maybe two weeks ago… then on Monday I flipped the calendar to June and saw I was already committed!!!  My wife and I have friends that came into town last night and are staying for a couple of days.  So sadly, I had to change my RSVP to a no.  #crushed

So this morning while my wife and our out of town guests are sleeping, I’m on the computer (of course).  I hop onto Twitter and see a zillion (like 6 or 7 or something) @jonpayne replies talking about “my cake”.  Huh?  What cake?

This cake:

The cake was for me!!!  And I was not there.  How incredibly thoughtful!  And how bad I feel for not being there…  Its probably a good thing though, as I may have pounded the whole thing before anyone else got a taste.  I can put me away some cake.

The references to “Master” are a funny little play on my perfectly acceptable request that everyone refer to as either “Master Payne” or “Jon Payne, MBA” following my completion of the MBA program at Loyola and recent graduation.  Just “Master” or “Supreme Being” will also work.  I was just trying to be funny by saying that… but its starting to stick!!!

So anyhow please accept this blog post as my humble “thank you” and expression of appreciation.  What an unbelievably kind gesture.

Many thanks to whoever was behind this (I have my suspicions…) and sorry I missed you @NC_SEO, @keithschilling, @LesPorter, @FredSexton, @DavidKyle, @RoyMorejon, @CoreyCreed, @learningSEO, @ericfransen, @MaggieHyde, @brettbum and everyone else who attended.  I won’t be a no-show next time!

– The Master

7 Responses to “SEMCLT Rocks, and Thanks for the Cake!!!”

  1. J. Bentz Says:

    I agree with you 100% that meeting peeps in person is a very powerful thing.

    BTW, when are you heading to Bmore again?

  2. Corey Creed Says:

    Sorry we missed you. What we really wanted was for you to be on the panel.

    And to be totally honest, as much as we all would like to take the credit for being nice, I think it was actually @LearningSEO that brought the cake.

    • jonpayne Says:

      Thanks I totally appreciate the offer – would love to be a “panelist” at one of the next ones if possible.

      I owe learningSEO a beer 🙂

  3. Cake was made at the Ivey by the Chef.

    It was really good….I tried to keep it a secret, and even tried to coax you to come with the ‘secret meeting’ lol

    Congrats…when are you going for your Doctorate’s?

  4. […] 2, 2009 Last night at SEMCLT, I spent a few minutes chatting with Corey Creed.  He asked if I was still doing full-service SEO […]

  5. Jon:

    I can relate. In nursery achool I made all the kids call me Master. No one could do anything without my permission. Unfortunately, this authority did not stick after nursery school. In middle school I was nicknamed Giggles. Also unfortunately, this did stick.

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