Charlotte SEO, Jason Broadwater, Branding and “One Thing Loud and Clear”

July 2, 2009

I moved to the greater Charlotte area about six months ago, from Baltimore. The SEO community here in Charlotte is growing pretty quickly, and is turning into a reasonably cool scene. Since I basically work all the time and have practically no social life, local SEO meetups and the occasional networking lunch tend to serve as my social life. Sad. But whatever.

So I’ve had a few lunches with some local Charlotte SEO people – I even built a cheesy site that I updated a few times and have since neglected – but anyhow at one of these lunches I got together with Jason Broadwater of Revenflo. Jason is not a “Charlotte guy”. His office is in Rock Hill, SC. He’s from Rock Hill. For those of you reading this who are not familiar with the area, Rock Hill is about 25-30 minutes south of downtown Charlotte. If I were to start a web marketing business today in Rock Hill I’d pretty quickly narrow in on targeting the Charlotte market. Its a bigger market. Its more white-collar. Jason hasn’t done that.  As a result he is basically on the board of every business organization in Rock Hill.  He’s the man there.  But barely anyone in the Charlotte SEO community (at least from the dozen or two I’ve talked with) have heard of him.

I was pretty impressed with Jason when we met for lunch. He’s not just bright – I meet a lot of bright people – he’s wise. Anyhow, somehow today I stumbled back onto a YouTube video of his. If you identify yourself as a marketing guy (as do I), you should get something out of this. I think he’s message of “say one thing loud and clear” is so true. You can’t be the cheapest, fastest, best, most custom, etc. If you are all of those you are nothing. Your prospects won’t believe you. Be one thing. Be that. Focus. Check out the video:

So what’s my company? Good question. We do offer organic search engine optimization services to help service firms generate leads online. That’s what we do. We don’t offer web design anymore, even though we could. We don’t sell hosting, even though we could. We don’t do email marketing (well honestly, who wants to do that anyway?). You get the idea. Our site is a few years old and so when time allows re-working the site will be our top priority, as its admittedly too generic. But talk to me and you’ll realize my strive to stay focused.

2 Responses to “Charlotte SEO, Jason Broadwater, Branding and “One Thing Loud and Clear””

  1. I don’t usually watch videos that are as long as this one, but what this guy says is very true, and he’s a very engaging speaker. Love his insight. Thanks for sharing J-Payne.

  2. […] He started by asking me dumb questions like “are you looking to grow revenue?”.  Well, sure I suppose am I right.  Who isn’t?  Its just a matter of how that fits in to everything else.  Lately I’ve been working 60-70 hours per week, so if “growing revenue” means working more than I’m probably not interested.  I gave him some indecisive response so as not to humor him but to let him proceed.  He then asked if I was looking for multiple revenue streams.  I said “no”.  He was surprised.  I then told him that my issue as a business owner is not that I’m not offering enough.  Nope.  I’m doing too much.  I want to do less.  Multiple revenue streams to me means multiple service offerings.  I don’t want that.  I want fewer.  I want focus. […]

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