Agency SEO: What’s The Most Important Thing You Do?

February 19, 2010

As the owner of a growing internet marketing company, I’m terribly curious about how other agency leaders spend their time. On this note, I tweeted out a question yesterday on Twitter and was looking for a few responses.  There’s nothing like an open-ended opinion question sent to a targeted market to get a good reply rate.  Specifically, I asked:

SEO Agency Question

I got back some great responses:

CoreyCreed: Regularly drop your worst clients and keep getting better ones.

pepperjamceo: position our clients ahead of the competition.

portentint: Restrain myself when people say “I don’t think that’s how SEO works”

ericfransen: Manage people & expectations

wilreynolds: SEO, I still do SEO about 40%-50% of my work week.

I asked the question b/c for the last several months I’ve been really focusing on running our agency – looking at things like processes, systems, efficiency, scalability (while still staying high-touch and high-end in approach), etc.  Anyhow, I’m not sure I can even answer my own question.  I guess I’d say putting resources in place to be successful.  That’s pretty darn generic though.  Maybe more specifically I’d pick two things.  For the “agency” part its communicating with our clients.  For the “SEO” part its monitoring keywords that convert and using that data in combination with current rankings, traffic potential, etc. to continually revise which keywords we are most directly targeting.

Additional thoughts?

4 Responses to “Agency SEO: What’s The Most Important Thing You Do?”

  1. Corey Creed Says:

    I agree with your comments above Jon. With regard to clients, communicating is extremely important.

    It’s a little known fact that communicating with clients is actually more important than getting results for them. Results SHOULD be more important to the client and we all know that. But unfortunately, it is not. Don’t fool yourself. They want to be kept updated even more than they want good results on reports 9 times out of 10.

    That being said, results are almost as important. Unfortunately, most agencies think results are more important than good coummunication.

    While their clients may agree if you ask them, the truth is that they want good communication just as much. In my opinion, they want it more.


    • admin Says:

      Corey – I couldn’t agree with you more on this. You’ll definitely lose a client more quickly with poor communication than you will with poor performance.

      The two are certainly related though. A terrible scenario would be when you do produce great results for the client, but fail to communicate this. Its not enough to get results, they have to know you got the results!

      I am probably a bit guilty on this. I think we probably underreport and sell ourselves a bit short in how we communicate results to clients. It’s something I’m working to improve.

  2. Stuart M. Says:

    Having owned an SEO Company in the past I can say the most important thing you can do is to keep a current client happy. In order to grow your business you need to keep your current clients and pick up some new ones along the way. (it’s not a one and done)

  3. I think the most effective things I do for SEO is using the Google Keyword Search Tool to determine my titles, keywords, and tags. Having the right terms and phrases in your articles can make your hub very popular on Google only days after publishing.

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