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LeadGenSEO.com is a blog about online marketing, with a focus on both lead generation and SEO.  In fact, the author is quite partial to using the two together – SEO as a means of driving leads.  This sort of customer-initiated, pull-based lead generation tends to produce higher quality leads than push-based lead-gen activities such as co-registration.

That said, we’re not here to argue that one method is “better” than another (even though it is), just that different methods have different uses.  Naturally a shortcoming of search traffic is that you are always capped in terms of volume by the number of people actively searching.

Anyhow, the plan is to use this blog to explore all sorts of topics that relate to either SEO and/or Lead Generation.  That may mean blog marketing, social media optimization, content development, community building, site usability, conversion testing and optimization, PPC and of course organic SEO.

About The Author

LeadGenSEO.com is written by Jon Payne.  Jon is an SEO consultant and owner of Ephricon Web Marketing, an internet marketing agency with locations in Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC. He specializes in organic search engine optimization and online lead generation.


Jon recently completed an MBA degree at Loyola College in Maryland, and upon completion moved his family from Baltimore, MD to the Charlotte, NC area. His business (Ephricon) is still based in Baltimore. As such, he frequently travels back and forth between the two areas.

When Jon isn’t working, he can generally be found hanging out with his wife and daughter – hopefully either eating at Qdoba, playing Singstar or watching a good movie.  Good times 🙂

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