So the other day I found this post on Yoast that describes how to set up some Advanced Segments in Google Analytics such that you can isolate out the traffic you received from keywords where your site ranks on the second page (or any page) in the Google SERPs.  Its pretty slick.  It basically uses the start=10 value in the URL of the Google search results pages to identify whether they came from page 1, 2, etc…

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I was looking at the goals and noticed the abandonment rate.  Is that the number of visitors that reach our entrance page and don’t proceed?



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A major metric I use when evaluating progress on a campaign for a client is total traffic to the client’s site from organic search, typically viewed monthly.  Ranking is great, but if you’ve done SEO for even a short time  you soon learn that ranking doesn’t matter unless it produces traffic.  And traffic does matter unless it produces conversions.

Anyhow, in cases where the client has a very strong brand name its common for them to have a ton of organic search referrals for their brand, common mispellings of the brand, various product lines, etc.  As an internet marketer who was likely hired after they created their main offering, you can’t typically take full credit for that traffic…

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Google Analytics Segmenting

November 6, 2008

Quick note this time, but wanted to let everyone know that within the last few days Google Analytics has launched their “advanced segmenting” Beta feature, along with a custom reporting feature.  Very cool.  I find the advanced segment for “visits with conversions” very helpful as it enables me to view organic search keywords, landing pages, etc. that produced conversions very quickly and in a more user-friendly way.

In the few minutes I’ve played with it most of the data appears to be data you could have still gotten before, but now is available more easily with fewer clicks… and less reliances on that “goal conversion” tab on every report.