A couple of months back I was asked to speak at Search Exchange, an SEO conference taking place in Charlotte, NC from May 17 through May 19, 2010.  Since I’m local (live + work just south of Charlotte), and since the guys running the event are top-notch SEO folk, I was honored by their offer and accepted.

Since then, they’ve added a number of SEO Rockstars to the speaker list.  Names such as Jim Boykin, Wil Reynolds, Rae Hoffman, Lee Odden and Chris Brogan – all of whom have about a zillion times the “name brand draw” of yours truly.  That’s okay.  I’m totally taller than them.  Well, some of them.  Maybe I’ll give out free blogroll links to attendees or something so that people like me too.  🙂

Anyhow, the organizers have put together a pretty solid list of keynote speakers and panelists, and have secured a fantastic venue as well (the Belk Theatre in uptown).  It should be a blast.  I know the local search community here in Charlotte is pretty strong, and I expect to see good support both locally and nationally. Its also going to be just the right-sized conference too… small enough where people actually share ideas and its not watered down by too many corporate-types who are looking for SEO 101, and still large enough to where it covers a number of topics and there will be plenty of fresh perspectives.

So I’m going to make the case for you to attend Search Exchange…

Why Attend Search Exchange Over SES, SMX and Other SEO Conferences:

  1. Charlotte in May is about 1,000 times nicer weather and more enjoyable than New York in March (SES).
  2. It will be smaller in size and less corporate than the bigger conferences, enabling better conversations and a higher percentage of “real SEO people” not just entry-level programmers from Fortune 500 companies.
  3. The speaker and panelist lineup is amazing.
  4. Its much more affordable. You can get a 3-day ticket for the cost of a 1-day pass to most of the other conferences.
  5. I’m offering a $100 discount if you sign up through this link.

Its currently $595 if you buy your ticket by January 31st, but with the $100 discount I’m offering its only $495.  If you read this or buy after January 31st, the $100 discount is still valid – it will just come off of whatever the “post early bird” price is. So go sign up. Now.

Use this link to get the $100 discount.

Update: Okay, you have to click the “Enter Discount Code” link and enter in “speak100” and you’ll get the $100 discount.  Sorry about this not being clarified the first go-round… needless to say there was a little confusion.

See you there!